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My Story


I wanted to build a body that I could be proud of

Picture this: a 16-year-old me, lanky and low on self-esteem. Then I discovered the magic of the gym. At first, it was all about the aesthetics. I wanted to build a body that I could be proud of, one that would boost my confidence and help me stand tall. But as I delved deeper into the world of fitness, I realized it was so much more than that! It was a means of self-discovery, of pushing my boundaries and realizing my full potential. This went beyond the number of weights I could lift. It was about enhancing my overall well-being, both mentally and physically.

Fast forward to my 20s, I was working as a firefighter/paramedic, tackling some of the toughest physical challenges around. From rescuing people from burning buildings to administering critical first aid, the job was physically and emotionally draining. But my training in the gym had prepared me for it. I was more than just fit. I was functional. I was able to use my passion for fitness within the department by joining the peer fitness team where I received my certification as an ACE Peer Fitness Trainer. I was responsible for conducting department fitness evaluations and developing exercise and wellness programs to support employee health goals. 

The strength I had built wasn't just for show. It was saving lives. 

About Me

The gym wasn't just a hobby—it was my lifeline.

But life threw a curveball at me in 2017. A back injury ended my firefighting career. However, it also opened a new path. I became a functional health nurse. Now I use evidence-based training to help others make life-changing progress. 


Wellness is not about quick fixes or temporary solutions. It's about fostering a sustainable, long-term relationship with your body and mind. This is your health we're talking about. There are no shortcuts. And with me as your coach, you'll have the resources, expertise, and support to navigate the complicated journey to a better you successfully. 


For me, lifestyle coaching isn’t merely a job. It's a calling. To be able to take my experiences, my successes, and failures, and use them to guide others is a privilege. I don't take it lightly, which is why I'm committed to delivering the best, most personalized service to each client. You're an individual with unique needs and aspirations, and I'm here to help you.

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