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About Me

My Fitness Journey

Its began with a passion for the gym. As I got stronger, my confidence soared. The gym became my sanctuary, a place where I could let go of my insecurities and focus on becoming the best version of myself. Every drop of sweat and every strained muscle fiber were steppingstones to a new, improved me.

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Why Me!

Why Choose Donnie Larson for Your Lifestyle Coach?

I used to be a skinny, insecure teen. Today, I'm a lifestyle coach who's all about helping you get into the best shape of your life—mentally and physically.


Back when I started, there wasn't as much information readily available. I had to learn through trial and error, but you don't have to! With the resources and guidance I provide, your journey toward better health will be smoother and faster than mine ever was.

My Mission

My mission is to combine a systematic coaching process to empower you to develop a fit, healthy, energetic, and mindful lifestyle as well as instilling the awareness, ability, and self-confidence to maintain it.


Your Lifestyle Coach

Plus, I offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.
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What Sets Me Apart from the Crowd.

I'm not just a personal trainer. I'm a masters-prepared functional health nurse with real-world experience in emergency services. I bring a unique blend of knowledge, hands-on skills, and empathy to my work. Working in emergency services taught me the importance of physical fitness in a way that no gym session could. The demands were intense, and the stakes were high, reinforcing the need for optimal health. Now, I bring that same urgency and commitment to every training session, helping you achieve your goals with the same level of dedication.

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